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Never let your Purse hit the floorboard of your car again!

The Purse Buckle offers a unique and simple way to keep your purse latched securely to your empty front passenger seat while you're driving.  How many times have you pressed on the brakes and your purse goes flying into the floorboard of the vehicle?  Often spilling the contents all over the place and making your beloved purse dirty.  That's why we made the Purse Buckle...  Now it can buckle up too!

Another benefit is Security.  How many times do you drive with your windows or top down?  Your purse is an easy target for anyone on the sidewalk that could run up and grab your purse.  The Purse Buckle could prevent these types of incidents.  



We see that the majority of women drive with their purse in the front seat for quick access while they're driving.  Time and time again we've seen accidents happen because they are trying to grab their purse before it hits the floor.  We want to help protect you and your purse.  

The "Purse Buckle" offers a high-quality stylish design and a functional accessory to your Purse, Handbag, Backpack and beyond...   You can leave it on your purse 24/7 and depending on your purse design you can easily tuck it inside your purse if you want to hide it.



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